disk clean up disk clean up # MondayBlues: What Happened To Telone`s Marketing Manager.

# MondayBlues: What Happened To Telone`s Marketing Manager.


Telone, a now much aggressive state owned communications provider has silenced their long time marketing manager Mr Isheunesu Mugadza, who has stopped hogging the limelight for almost a month now.

Mr Mugadza was one man for years behind the marketing of the brand, reporting directly to the executive but Telone shakeup introduced a new Marketing and Sales Director, hence a new boss to Mugadza plus a communications manager, a new portfolio all together under his purview.

Investigation into the matter confirmed that the marketing manager has left Telone about a month ago, but curious as usual, #MondayBlues would want to know the circumstances.

We have already contacted Telone and Mr Mugadza to tell us their sides of the story and a much more juicer version will soon be published once we get the full responses from all the parties.

In the mean time issues of frustration, disappointment, latest structure shake up or dismissal have been thrown by many as possible reasons.

Why not keep waiting, we are sniffing around and you shall be officially updated soon.

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