disk clean up disk clean up Hansole Bounces Back With Click A Service, Bright Initiative But..

Hansole Bounces Back With Click A Service, Bright Initiative But..


Are you looking for any service, yes any service be it job contract, plumbing, mechanic, gardening, lawyer or even a doctor? (I’m not sure if they will offer female or male date connections), but after speaking to one of the visionary, i could be forgiven to think that i can get almost any service from this platform because these guys are dreaming big.

Hansole, a local technology company behind the popular Lost and found has bounced back on the market with Click a Service, a virtual platform that enables people to get services from reputable and professional individuals and the website is now live for testing.

According to one of the directors, Mr Andrew Maturure, “Click A Service is a platform to find honest,verified and dependable service providers at the click of a button.The platform is designed in such a way that you get the nearest service provider possible depending on where you are.(municipal districts)”.

click a service screen shot

The team is trying to stand out and be different by making sure that they create a high quality platform of honest and professional service providers to safe guard and provide the best service to the general public, by making sure all service providers(SP’s) are verified by means of three references traceable,Id numbers and contact numbers.

While Zimbabwe job markets are among the worst in the region as recently witnessed by an exodus of employees from various private and government institutions under the three month notice activated by the Supreme Court, there is need for creativity and creating platforms that will serve a purpose.

Probably a killer service is the extra functionality to allow customers to rate the service provider, and the higher the points the more reliable you become, and the opposite is true for the lesser you are rated.

Andrew also hinted that for those who get a thumbs down twice for poor service, they will be automatically removed from their database, this is quiet a strong statement from the startup to create quality.

They will not be charging anyone to get a service on their platform, but they hinted they will later on charge service providers not more than a dollar per month to register on their platform which makes it a viable business concept

This idea Concept is being driven by Mr Andrew Maturure and JK Mutisi through their Developerss on Software Lounge

Our 2cents

The platform may be a big bang and a hit in Zimbabwe if service providers register in masses to be able to cater for millions who are looking for their services but this is not going to be a walk in the park.
The people they are targeting are the same people who are self employed and looking for a dollar daily and moving them to market online in Zimbabwe will be demanding.

They have another Giant Econet with TechNites to face who are doing more or less the same thing and they have to have a thick skin to sail through in the game already eyed by a giant, although the giant is well known for not pursuing its meal further and beyond.

What do you think about this initiative, do you think it will take off as expected?

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