disk clean up disk clean up #MondayBlues: Telone Marketing Manager Tight Lipped!

#MondayBlues: Telone Marketing Manager Tight Lipped!


After serving for three and a half years as the marketing manager for the state owned Telecommunication Company, Mr Isheunesu Mugadza is confirmed to have left TelOne amid unclear circumstances.

When we contacted Telone the employer for official comment confirmed that their marketing manager had left the enterprise but amicably.

“We can confirm that Isheunesu Mugadza who was the Marketing Manager resigned from TelOne effective 16 September to pursue other interests. The company accepted his resignation and it was an amicable mutual separation.”

When we contacted Mr Mugadza, he remained cautious and prophesied ignorance on all the allegations, he maintained that he left to pursue personal interests.

However sources claim that there was now bad blood developing in the structures and they were not agreeing with the new marketing strategies being deployed hence Mr Mugadza had to simply leave Telone.

This also came on the backdrop of having the new Telone executives who are now in charge of the marketing and sales, and the new Telone corporate look portfolio he initially was overally taking care of.

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