disk clean up disk clean up A HIT Graduate With 7 Outstanding Awards

A HIT Graduate With 7 Outstanding Awards


Surely hard work and perseverance are the keys to a fruitful academic future. Martin Muduva’s life story is both an inspirational and touching story of how one can make it in life against all odds in the world of Information and Technology.

Martin, a 30 year old father recently graduated at Harare Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Information Security and Assurance with seven outstanding awards under his belt.
MArtin Maduwa

He was awarded the Degree with a Distinction, Vice Chancellor‘s prize for the best Graduating student in Information Security and Assurance, The HIT Book Prize for the Best Design and Innovation Project, HIT Book Prize for the Best Graduating Student in Technopreneurship, The Ministry of Defence Prize for The Best Graduating Student in Cryptography and Security, The I.D.S.S prize for the best graduating student and lastly the Microsoft Cooperation Price for the best graduating student.

Probably the question on everyone’s mind is why wait so long to get a degree at 30 years old. Well like most Zimbabwean stories, Martin’s father passed away when he had just started high school and his mother was left with the burden of fending for six children with Martin being the fifth child.

As hard as it was, he managed to study to Advanced level where he was studying Geography, Mathematics and Management of Business and attained 9 points. Financial problems disabled him to proceed to University as he failed to attain employment since 2004 hence he managed to go through life with some money from temporary teaching and help from relatives.

He was lucky enough to marry the love of his life Lyliosa Chirara in 2010 who was a nurse who then took the responsibility of paying for his education since his first year at HIT.
Asked in an interview how he managed to attain these outstanding awards he said, “ I made sure that my body became the hardware and my brains became the software of the computer laboratory meaning I dedicated 99.9 percent of my time to research and interaction with other students.’’

The humble genius also managed to showcase his project at UNDP during his years at HIT about “Biometric Access Control’’ but only reached the incubation phase since he was an undergraduate.

Now that he has graduated, he can only hope for the best and hope that the UNDP or any other organisations will consider his project.
“The sky is the limit .I can only hope that I get employed soon, credit and recognition for my projects and maybe get a scholarship to proceed to my masters so that I can do the best I can in helping out my country and family.

To contact Martin Muduva: 0772 971 243; email-mmuduvah@gmail.com

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