disk clean up disk clean up Disabled HIT Graduate Challenged Men

Disabled HIT Graduate Challenged Men


In a field which is male dominated like Information and Technology, one would expect to see a few able bodied women rubbing shoulders with these whizz guys. Cecilia Tengani however is a living testimony that disability is not inability.

She is a 38 year old disabled lady who does not have both hands .She recently graduated at Harare Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Information Technology with additional two awards which are The HIT Book Prize for the Best Graduating Student in Technopreneurship and The HIT book Prize for the Best Design and Innovation Project.

She has defined all odds and proved that her condition is not something that was going to stop her from following her dreams.

Asked how she did it, she said “Obviously it was not all rosy but through hard work, determination with the help of God Almighty and my colleagues I have managed to be here,’’ she said beaming with joy shying away from the camera.

Cecilia also credited her family and friends who stood by her always. The love could be seen through the number of family members who came to support her at the graduation.

“I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and I will continue to prove to people and encourage others like me that we can do it because a lot of people look down on disabled people. I followed my dream and I’m going to shine”.

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