disk clean up disk clean up #MondayBlues: The Same Gvt That Wanted Telecel Closed is Now Buying

#MondayBlues: The Same Gvt That Wanted Telecel Closed is Now Buying


telecelProbably this would be my shortest #MondayBlues, ever !

Its no joke that the broke Zarnet has somehow managed to fund its coffers to a tune of $10million cash and it has promised to make the $30 million installments to wholly own 60% of Vimplecom Telecel Zimbabwe, the the other 40% under Economic Empowerment will be a piece of cake.

By Sting!

The excitement and expectation at the government offices is very high to an extent that someone will be heavily rewarded for making this deal a success.

How do you buy a company worth more than $300 million for only a $40million, you intimidate, frustrate and push out all possible buyers and ofcousre you own the licence so why worry, its just value retention.

Maybe you can as well genuinely buy why think bad and dirty this company has always been selling?

So what is the future of TZ ?

Why did we buy the profit making TZ?

Are we so patriotic that we need the government and nation to be profitable as well?

Or we are just buying to sell so that we become more profitable?

Do we have the capital injection to run and sustain the brand?

Or maybe they are finally buying using the government`s name because they have always been close..

More importantly are we going to completely make the purchase in installments because I hear that sticking clause is not going to be removed?

What happened to government shutting down Telecel Zimbabwe, the last we heard was the verdict announcement was imminent?

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  1. monday blues rocks sting you are an eye opener now those quesions got me thinking real hard whats in it for the gov and the one who initiated the deal are HATS OFFFFFFFFFF TO to TechnoMag

  2. so is the government going to join telecel and netone if so that will mean they will have more customers than econet and that would be a hit

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