disk clean up disk clean up Why ZRP will not accept Ecocash,Telecash or even One Wallet.

Why ZRP will not accept Ecocash,Telecash or even One Wallet.


The Zimbabwe government has not seriously entertained the idea TechnoMag presented to them if they are to fight corruption.

In fact it seems they are some politicians who are ready to defend this position come what may,a sign that the law enforcement organisation could be running a worse than Mafia type of an administration.

Even after the high court had clearly stated that it is illegal for the””law enforcement” organisation to demand spot fines, this one week victory to millions of Zimbabweans saw the police chief openly oppose the judge’s outcome as nothing but his personal statement.

In less than a week’s time the traffic police who had visibly packed up and delivered the main roads from the daily eyesore saw a quick and stronger presence which intimidated millions and was a clear sign that they are above the law and no one can help you.

To date,the traffic police operate on a daily target and will demand spot fines from you anytime of the day.

Whether you have the cash or not, it is none of their business and if you don’t have cash they will make you park aside till you make a plan, a major action against the high court outcome.

In some instances this is their time to frustrate you and force you to offer a bribe if you “think you are in a hurry.”

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the traffic police in Zimbabwe are motivated by traffic CASH fines,I wonder if the anti corruption team is at least trained to simply detect this stinking trend, or if at all they care!The last time i checked there was yet to be a commission established.

While the police chief ran a full press statement to defend the cash position as legal,it was sickening he never bothered to explain to the same members of the public he serves, the legal position should you not have the cash at hand.

The real problem here is not about the traffic police dislodging their constitutional mandate,the real issue is about them not being able to dislodge it without hard cash,and the question is why?

Why is the traffic police so much in need of the cash to an extent of still going against a court outcome?

Are these public funds audited,and who has the results?

Since the government of national unity GNU,it was reported that ZRP said the state coffers will not receive a dime from these fines, if this was really true then the this a very sorry state of the nation.

Who really owns this cash?

Are there clear records on how this much needed cash is used?

If government is serious about eradicating corruption why not start by screwing these cash holes and advocate for mobile money services.

If we had all the mobile money services present at all legal roadblocks would this not be a good starting point to seriously fight corruption.

We have pushed this agenda before and its not entirely new,someone at the top who is directly benefiting will not take this suggestion seriously,or maybe this is the time we also take it to parliament for debate and closely watch how the big chief will descend against this one.

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