disk clean up disk clean up Journalists and Media Professionals Undergoing Digital Security Training

Journalists and Media Professionals Undergoing Digital Security Training


Journalists and media professionals are currently undergoing digital security training for journalists and media professionals scheduled from today ending on the 17th of November 2015, in Harare at Cresta Oasis.

This training is being organized by the Digital Society of Zimbabwe (DSZ) in partnership with the Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe (MISA Zimbabwe).

By Delight Mawere and Shyline Guvakuva

The focus of the training is on learning how to secure digital information and communication and is based around a toolbox specifically tailored for securing the digital activities and practices of communication professional. Participation in the training requires that they have some familiarity with computers and Internet and everyone is expected to be a participant in the entire training.

Among other things, the training curriculum focuses on imparting knowledge about how to strengthen their online resilience, including assessing and understanding digital threats and how to combat them; practical tips on staying safe when using technology and social media; protecting against malware and viruses, creating and remembering strong passwords and mobile security.

Participants are encourage to come as they would learn new if not deepen their already existing skill and understanding of digital security.

Addressing the participants, Tawanda Mugari who is the Development Technologist and head of training with (DSZ) specified that the need for the training comes after the emerging of victimization currently being faced by bloggers.

“…the Source media house was raided and their data was manipulated ,the same happened to radio personality Tinopona Katsande popularly known (as Tin Tin) who got her videos leaked…we have a number of these cases, and they are mainly caused by negligence and ignorance on how to secure personal data…”,said Mugari.

The trainers also commit to remotely support and answer questions related to their continued use of the different tools after the training.

Mugari also warned people not to trust unlicensed software as these pose threats to their personal data.

“Genuine software licences are not cheap but they are worth having, they have less risks and they are trustworthy,the moment we have cracked OP,we are now opening the doors for malware”, he added.

The two day training is dedicated at addressing the issues that participants identify as high risk, high probability in the threat modelling exercise.It will also discuss further on issues to do with general computer hygiene ,secure storage , secure deletion as well as Gmail and two-factor login.

Mugari expressed great appreciation for the people who showed up today for the training.

“We are training people from various backgrounds thus from technology and non technology backgrounds ,out of these trainings ,we will assign these trainers to disseminate the information they have learnt here,we are ensuring this through what we call Trainers of Trainers (TOT)”, said Mugari.

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