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Mastering The Art Of Passwords


In general terms, a password is a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to a place. In the field of technology it is a string of characters that people can use to log on to tech gadgets and access files, programs, and other resources.

Passwords help ensure that people do not access the gadget unless they have been authorized to do so. The characters can be made up of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces.

In a nutshell, a password is a security code which facilitates entry to something. As a key or code to get access to something means that it has to be guarded jealously lest you lose your important documents, files and other resources.

So the question now is how can one create a secure password? There are rules that you need to follow to have a secure password.

Rules of password;

1. One to One Relationship

– This rule simply means one account one password. Many account holders have numerous accounts under their belts and this has seen people creating a one size fit all passwords to avoid intricacies. With one size fits all password, on-liners are vulnerable to cybercriminals hence it’s advisable to follow one account one password rule. The danger in having one password is that once someone cracks into that password, you are doomed; it automatically means that all the other accounts are now exposed to the hacker who would have gained entry to that password.

2. Password should not be impersonal

– When creating a password you should not be tied to anything around you for example your family, relatives, friends or anything attached to you. Hackers are technologically advanced; they play around with things attached to you in a bid to break into your account. Number two rule never personalise your password.

3. A password should be complex

– As previously highlighted, password facilitates entry into something therefore it should be as secure as possible to avoid unauthorised entry into one‘s accounts. To achieve close-fitting security of your password, password should carry a mixture of numbers and characters for example p@$$w0rd2015

4. Password should be long. The general rule when creating a password; it should carry at least 8 characters. Anything less than 8 characters a weak password notification pops up.

5. A password should be easy to remember. You can achieve that by coming up with a phrase or sentence that you can easily remember, for example My Computer Password, and here is how you create a strong password;

My Computer Password- take first four letters MyCompPass, like discussed before it should contain characters and numbers meaning my password would be like MyC0mpP@$$ to make it secure..

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