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How To Recover Your Stolen Cellphone


Its now big business for informal cellphone traders in Harare, who basically trade both stolen and second hand gadgets, with the then Ximex mall and Gulf complex being the major eye sore and hub for the dealers, virtually making it impossible to track down a stolen cellphone.

The mobile gadgets buy these cell phones from anything below half the price and sell them at profitable margins, making it one of the most thriving businesses in Harare which has got many youths hooked up on the streets.

However , when you lose your cell phone, chances are high that it would be displayed somewhere in these streets, but the probability of picking it up is close to zero due to the nature of trafficking and trading in this illicit market.

Much to the surprise of many, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can assist you recover your network so long as the phone is still being used in Zimbabwe.

For those who may need to track one that may have crossed borders, there are many other ways of doing so but in this piece focus will be limited to tracking lost gadgets via Mobile Network Service Providers.

The only thing that you need to do to track your lost cellphone that was once active in the Zimbabwean network is to get a police report which then you should provide them with a serial number known as International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) for accelerated processing.

If you do not have a serial number, well the truth is you can still be helped as all operators may need to do the extra process of checking your cellphone history against the device, a measure that may take them time and get you delayed yet still, you can get this serial number yourself if you were using an android based device.

Once you realize your device is gone, you’ll probably think about what sort of personal information is accessible via the device, what photos you had saved on it, and the cost of replacing them.

If you’ve already attempted to recover the device with the Android Device Manager (or your friend’s Android), then it’s time to contact the police and your wireless provider to report the situation.

This is number is unique to your hardware, and may allow the service provider to discontinue service to it, or blacklist it from their network if it was stolen, or even track all sim cards and areas or locations the network is being used from.

Here are the few steps that you need to do to find your IMEI without the phone in your hand, and please note this only for the popular android based devices.

Step1 : You are supposed to be logged into your gmail account which gives you access to all other Google based services.

Step 2: After you’re signed in, click the arrow next to Android. You will see all devices that have been attached to your Google account. Find your current phone and copy the IMEI number.
Once this is done you can submit it in your report and the police should assist to solve and track the phone.

In most cases, the phone will now be using a different Sim card and subtle investigation can lead the unsuspecting person to disclose his whereabouts before he confides where he or she got the gadget.

In the case that you have your gadget in simple steps and every Zimbabwean should start tracking their lost cellphones so that we discourage the market from selling stolen or lost property.

credit:digital society of zimbabwe

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  1. Tsitsi Shambarichakwata on

    My cell phone has been stolen while in my bag in a restroom I immediately tried to locate it with lookout however it never located I tried more like device Android manager and it was never locate but the person that stole my phone said she reset it and is going to get it flashed do I still have a chance of locating it? Also since she reset it and using it my Google account isn’t signed in anymore

  2. Tatenda Takaidza on

    hey, my phone got stolen right from my hands of one junky… i had a parword on my phone an all, ok he took out the simcard stright away an then probably droped my phone to chenese place to unlock, if so it will not log out from my gmail account? also i didnt have any these tracking programmes in my phone just by my laptop i was trying to download. so basically if someone will turn on the phone an will start to use an internet i will can start to use phone tracking??? an by unlocking my parword for the screen it will not log out of my loogle account??? thanks

  3. Hi my Samsung was recently stolen but the battery was dead (not so sure cause it was on the charger) then when I came home it was gone but no one broke into the house. I don’t want to download anything but I was wondering who can I find it.

  4. Tsitsi Shambarichakwata on

    If some one is using samsung s4 in aeroplane mode is there any possibility to trace that phone .. If yes plzz tell me

  5. a cellphone is one of those intimte gadgets that individuals who are always on the go mostly rely on.With the develop[ments in ICT ,the mobile phone penetration rate has significantly increased .The prizes however for most of these gadgets have become relatively expenses leading to people resorting to illegal cellphone dearlers who sell second hand cellphones and this exposes data from the person who was previously using the phone

  6. nice article but its a pity cause now the cellphone dealers have become smarter they can now manipuklate the IMEI number to avert the posibility for tracking which means if u loose ur phone chances to recover it are slim if the process to track the phone is not quickly executed.

  7. @datguy ,the economic conditions here in Zimbabwe have led to people selling thier belongings and cellphones are no exception, it seems like when people sell their phones they fogert they literally had their secrets on their cellphones

  8. ahh zve IMEI zvogona kutoshanda but people like you should register motoita basa reku recover maphone evanhu coz kuenda ku police kupedza nguva

  9. I dont know how far true is this, i heard that some local tech guys can change IMEI numbers and will not be able to recover that phone. Need to guided guys, is this true, please help. This world of technology is beginning to confuse us, you really need to be a nerd to get these nitty gritties

  10. hardlife mutamba on

    One of my friends lost his phone and tried to recover it but in vain using the same concepts, maybe he didn’t do it correctly. Dont know just saying

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