disk clean up disk clean up Road Rules Brings Highway-code To Your Mobile Device

Road Rules Brings Highway-code To Your Mobile Device


Did you know that from January to December 2014, more than 210 000 people sat for their provisional driver’s licence test at various VID centres countrywide? Over 150, 000 of those failed in their first time attempt? This is a shocking 75% failure rate isn’t it?

By Tongai Mwenje

The failure has been attributed to ill preparation for the tests as many depend solely on practice question booklets that are sold on street corners. These booklets have no official publisher and therefore are of the poorest of standards in terms of layout and design.

Many of the users of these booklets find them very strenuous and frustrating to use and only do so for lack of a better option. Well not for long as Road Rules, a local start up team led by multi award winning technology entrepreneur, Chikosi Tawanda has come up with a mobile app to solve that particular problem.

Road Rules App is a product initiated by Road Rules has realised the deficiencies in these street booklets and came up with a virtual platform that will aid those who want to sit for their provisional driver’s license test.

According to the startup’s findings, most people sit for their driving licence tests for at least three times at a cost of $20 per sitting, thus spending over US$60 due to failure taking into consideration cost of booklets, oral lessons for some, transportation as well as time spent. The Road Rules’ mobile app is designed in such a way that it gives the user the value of their money because of its simplicity, interactivity and usefulness.

Speaking to TechnoMag, Tawanda Chikosi, the Founder & CEO said, “We decided to work on an app that is very interactive, easy on the eye to take away the strain and frustration of studying, easy to retain information from, with some elements of gamification, timing tests and structured notes.”

The app is mainly targeting the 16-35 age group which usually go for these learner’s license test which are tech savvy and well versed with social media platforms and applications as evidenced by the demographic trends carried out by Road Rules.

The application is downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Once downloaded, it does not require the internet for it to work, its entirely an offline app.

When the user downloads the app, it gives the customer free trials to play around with the application so that the user can choose if they wish to continue using it.

The full version of the app is priced at exactly the same price for the books from the streets and can be used when one is offline.

The app has four sections, namely Notes, Practice, Test and Progress.

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The Notes section provides notes that cover the learner’s license curriculum. The test section provides a fixed eight (8) minute counter down timer period of answering the questions meant to simulate or create an exam setting. This has been specifically designed assist the user on time management and to get them used to time constraints so as to avoid panicking in the actual exam. Furthermore, the test section enables you to choose any ‘25 question’ test from among a thousands of tests available on the app.

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The Practice section is similar to the test section but has a very unique and interesting feature and functionality. It gives the user immediate feedback after completion of every question, thus allowing the user to learn and retain information more efficiently.
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The progress section is intelligent enough to track the user’s progress over a period of seven (7) days. This is to assist the user in deciding on whether they are now ready to go sit for the official government exam. It tries to ensure that people are advised of their exam readiness, thus saving them money by reducing the inherent high probability of failure of the VID Provisional Driver’s License Test.

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If a user has any questions or queries regarding the app, one is able to direct the question to a WhatsApp Contact number that has been incorporated within the Road Rules App and one is given immediate attention from the client relations team.

Asked on how the market has received the app, Road Rules team leader cited that 16 days after launch, they had already garnered over 1,000 downloads, a reflection of how people are craving for something that would make their life easier with regards to acquiring driver’s licence certificates.

The company is working on a zero rating proposal that was submitted to with two of the biggest telecom companies in the country and an insurance company for a bundling package that will immensely benefit the paid users of the app.

Going forward, the company’s ultimate aim is to make this application available to the market for free. Pan African expansion is also on the cards once the team has achieved product market fit in Zimbabwe.

TechnoMag contacted some of those who have downloaded the app and expressed their gratitude as they passed after using it. However the trial period for this application of 3times was considered very low by some customers as it did not give people enough time to assess the effectiveness of this app.

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